Friday, April 13, 2012

Race of the West report

Ed Dunne's race
Forty hilly miles combined cat. 5, 60+ and women.

Halfway into the race Ed bridged up to the winning break of 7-8.  Near the end legendary 62 year old Dave Viney left the group and towed an unnamed cat 5 to first.

Ed got 2nd (and a bronze metal) in the field sprint for 3rd.

Good show Ed.

Kerry's race. 50+ men
Seventy hilly miles.  Thirty eight starters. Hill challenged Big Belgian Lambert Vaas pulled the plug at 60.  After 69 miles and 69 painful attacks/surges it came down to an uphill headwindy sprint (more like a stagger). Imagine 15 arthritic, cramping Lemmings trying to throw themselves UP a cliff.  The Dogg got 5th and $35.

Thank goodness this is the last decent road race on the Florida calendar.  Time for a rest. Time to just run around inside the fenced yard a while.

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