Monday, June 24, 2013

Ocala Road Race (Sunday)

Lambert Vaes (2nd) and Kerry Duggan (3rd) represented in Ocala for the orange and gray of Cycle Logic.

Basically Lambert and I plus a guy from Florida Velo attacked 50 racers on Pumpkin hill (Germantown) and managed to stay away the last 4 miles to finish 8 seconds ahead of the bunch. (and as it turned out 3 massive crashes near the finish)

It shouldn't have worked. The field must not have seen two guys with similar jerseys - but Mike said he and several Florida Velo racers immediately and agressively "got fat" on the front.  Sweet. 

Lambert go 2nd and I got 3rd. We didn't contest the Florida Velo guy winning because  A)  he was fresher and worked a bit harder  B) he was not in the GC so not a threat and C) we were so freakin' tired at the end and just kind of rolled across the line together all weary smiles.

Overall, none of us were in the GC money because we suck in time trials and have bikes areo as a 12 pack.

Note:  Look at Lambert, he SO needs to work on race number location. At least he used more than two safety pins this time. Sigh!.


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